Reema Caddies - Head Pharmacist

I am Reema Caddies, Head Pharmacist at One Medical. Deeply passionate about training and development of pharmacy teams with many years of experience working across different sectors of pharmacy ranging from regulatory, academia, primary, and urgent care. Through my career I have held leadership positions in pharmacy and also as a non- executive director for a GP out of hours organisation.

After completing my pharmacy degree, I was keen to work with different multidisciplinary teams and realised the satisfaction I gained in developing people and learning about leadership. One of my strengths is building pharmacy within organisations who understand its potential but unclear how to achieve this. Ultimately, it’s not just about the pharmacy team but the people behind the titles and how they interact within organisations. My exposure to different healthcare professional teams  has allowed me to build pharmacy within those teams and more importantly lead on BIG teaming which will very much determine how well we work together in the current NHS landscape and to become the best we can be at looking after our patients which is very much part of the One Medical ethos. I became a qualified prescriber eventually also taking on a university clinical teacher role . Although I trained as a pharmacist my interests very much focussed on personal and team development.

Outside of work, I am a proud mum of 2, keen tea drinker, enjoy Pilates, long walks and looking at creative ways of introducing self-care into everyday life!