Alasdair Everest-Ford - Head of Wellbeing Services

I am the Head of OneWellness. I feel privileged to be a part or such an exciting, innovative and rapidly growing company.

My journey so far has involved 20 years of leading large teams to success and driving commercial growth in the sport, fitness and well-being industry across multiple sites at David Lloyd Leisure and Places Leisure. I am passionate about improving lives and making positive change which is one of the reasons why OneMedical Group is such an appealing company for me to be a part of.

After qualifying from Sheffield Hallam University in 1998 I moved to the West Midlands to pursue my career in fitness and sports development before moving back to Sheffiled 6 years ago. I am happy to still be based in Yorkshire, a place that I am proud to call home.

I have been fortunate to work with some exceptionally talented people and inspirational leaders who have influenced my leadership style to be one of compassion and support. 

I am step father to my amazing 14 year old step son who after many years of trying is now finally beating me on a tennis court. Some of my other passions are playing the guitar, listening to many different genres of music and snowboarding.