Our NHS People promise

The NHS People Plan x OneMedical Group

What we want to achieve…

There is a lot of positive ongoing work within the company currently that is aligned to the priorities that were identified within the ‘We are the NHS: People Plan’. Recognising this, we want to continue to learn, to grow, and to be an amazing place for people to work.

A shared vision for the future and a sense of belonging is fundamental to ensuring we continue to take strides forward as a company for our teams. We are working hard to identify areas within the NHS People Plan where we can do more. The plan is broken down into the following sections:

  • Responding to new challenges and opportunities
  • Looking after our people
  • Belonging in the NHS
  • New ways of working and delivering care
  • Growing for the future
  • Supporting our NHS people for the long-term

We want to be part of constructive change and there are opportunities identified within each section plan that we want to be a part of.

Responding to new challenges and opportunities

Flexible and remote working is something that has increased significantly in the NHS, with remote/virtual meetings increasing by 567% in the first 8 weeks of lockdown. Since COVID-19 our Central Support Team has shifted to a flexible policy of remote working.

Operationally, at our nationwide services, we are exploring how it will be possible for members of our team to work flexibly. We recognise that this is no easy feat, but in line with our slogan ‘We Are One’, which echoes the sentiment of ‘We are the NHS’, we believe flexible working should become the new normal. We will have to start thinking differently about what a day’s work means. Working hard, but more importantly working smart, will become crucial to the flexible workings success. We want to make sure we embrace the opportunity for flexible working, and we will review how we can make this possible.

We intend to face the challenges identified in the NHS People Plan, and turn them into opportunities for us to grow. This is our chance to build on all of the work we are already doing and put our people at the centre of everything we do.

Looking after our people

In corroboration with flexible working opportunities, the right to turn off and switch off is very important to us. But what does this mean?

We will ensure that our colleagues are actively encouraging wellbeing in order to decrease work-related burnout. At its core, this means making sure everyone understands the importance of taking breaks, how to manage work demands, and to take regular time away from the workplace.

The rainbow of promises outlined in ‘Our NHS People Promise’ outlines how companies should be committed to their staff. We are committed to delivering on this promise to our people and we will make sure that this is an ongoing piece of work.

Building on the introduction of Wellbeing Ambassadors at all of our sites, we will look to appoint a Wellbeing Guardian. This will ensure we have a continuous focus on the health and safety of our workplaces.

Most importantly we will continue, and strive, to offer our staff all of the support we are able to – especially post-COVID-19.

Belonging in the NHS

An understanding, kind, and inclusive culture underlines how we operate, and how we want to continue to operate going forward. We want all of our people to feel like they belong, and that OneMedical Group is a great place to be together and work towards a better future.

As part of our commitment to this, we will review our recruitment and promotion practices policies and procedures, to ensure they reflect diversity and inclusion, and address system bias. We will also review our existing processes and procedures to add the role of staff networks to the group governance policy, ensuring staff contribute and inform decision making.

Health and wellbeing conversations already form a part of discussions during staff appraisals. We want to make sure that these continue, and that our teams feel understood and valued. As such, we will look to provide further training to support these conversations. We will also review our existing Freedom to Speak Up Guardians and promote the recruitment of BAME Guardians.

New ways of working and delivering care

What is important, is that we continue to support our teams. We will continue to upskill, expand, and develop capabilities. This will help us to have a flexible workforce that is capable of responding to any challenge. It will also help us to ensure people feel supported with their career, and continuing to support their career progression is something we already do, and will continue to do through our Career Stepping Stones.

We will look to explore our eligibility for CPD funding, which was announced during COVID-19, to further support the CPD of nurses, midwives, and Advanced Health Practitioners.

Growing for the future

As a company, we want to continue to grow. We want to be the best employer in the NHS. We want to make sure we make the most of the public support the NHS received following COVID-19.

‘Career conversation’ programmes will become a part of a programme of support for our colleagues. Staff who are reaching the middle of their career will have discussions with their line managers regarding any adjustments that might be needed as part of their role. This will be to align their future career intentions, with the vision and growth of the company.

This is also an opportunity for OneMedical Group to champion the work already underway in Cheshire and Merseyside. It is a chance to build on the great foundation already laid out by this work, and become drivers for change at a system level, to support with workforce planning.

Supporting our NHS people for the long-term

We, as a company, have the opportunity to create our own local people plan. This will be based on the publication of the ‘We Are One: NHS People Plan’, and will outline how we intend to continue to have a culture of learning, belonging, and inclusion. We are proud of the work we are doing, and we are proud of all of our people. We recognise that although we are already doing great work, we have the opportunity to grow, and work together for a better future. We want to support our people for the long-term.