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We’ve teamed up with industry experts, passionate advocates and experienced system leaders to bring you a handpicked network of professionals who understand your challenges.

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What we do

Using industry experience and expertise from across OneMedical Group, we work with our clients to understand their needs and deliver transformational work. 

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How we do it

We work with stakeholders to draw together evidence and insights that enable us to generate learning, new ideas, and deliver system change.

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Our impact

Through collaboration we can achieve extraordinary outcomes that deliver sustainable change across healthcare systems.

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Primary Care Network Support

How can we help you? 

Supported by NHS England and CCGs across the country we have worked with Primary Care Networks helping them to form, shape and develop their network.

Not only are our team experienced healthcare leaders they are specialists in organisational development, human resources, mediation and project management making them the perfect facilitators to assist you in delivering the Network DES.

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Managing Stress and Staff Wellbeing

According to a recent survey, an additional 50% of NHS staff have reported debilitating levels of work related stress, compared to the general working population as a whole.

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Digital Innovations in Primary Care

Digital innovations in primary care can broadly be divided into 3 categories; solutions to improve accessibility, digital innovations to support process optimisation and automation, and innovations to empower service users.

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The NHS People Plan x OneMedical Group

What we want to achieve… There is a lot of positive ongoing work within the company currently that is aligned to the priorities that were…

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The NHS People Plan x OneMedical Group

What are we already doing? Titled ‘We Are the NHS’, the message of the plan resonates with our internal slogan ‘We Are One’. In all…

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Free Resources

We have lots of free resources to help and support you. Some of these resources are:

  • Our case studies
  • Top reading suggestions
  • Our webinar series
  • Podcasts recommendations

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Brilliant chairing, really clear thought and structure to the session. Also really, really good input from other facilitators regarding their own experiences. Really impressed.
PCN Representative
I am just sat listening to OneMedical Group's Wellbeing Webinar and I wonder whether we have an opportunity within our health and wellbeing coach proposal to flex our proposal to a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach. This gives us the opportunity for the personal trainer to increase practice staff wellbeing. Thanks for stimulating this thought Caroline during your webinar.
Managing Associate Partner
OneMedical Group has been an excellent facilitator, leading interesting and in-formative group discussions, engaging local practices and allowing GPs to reach out to the wider community. Their support has also allowed me to develop personally as Clinical Director. I do not think we would have developed at the pace and scale we have managed to achieve without their support.
Emily Morton
Clinical Director
A valuable day for helping understand everyone’s roles within the PCN and how to move forward.
Anonymous survey response
I think this session was really positive and facilitated very well. I thought the venue was excellent.
Anonymous survey response

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