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National Fitness Day: Wednesday 23rd September

National Fitness Day

By Megan Brooks, Personal Trainer, OneMedical Group Megan is a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Yoga Teacher. We asked her why she loves being a…

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Sexual health

Lets talk about sexual health

By Dr Louise Lodh, GP and Speciality Doctor in Sexual Health, OneMedical Group Did you know… Gonorrhoea rates in England are rising rapidly – they…

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Our NHS People promise

The NHS People Plan x OneMedical Group

What we want to achieve… There is a lot of positive ongoing work within the company currently that is aligned to the priorities that were…

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Our NHS People promise

The NHS People Plan x OneMedical Group

What are we already doing? Titled ‘We Are the NHS’, the message of the plan resonates with our internal slogan ‘We Are One’. In all…

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Save a life: Give Blood

Donating blood: a personal experience

As a Health and Wellbeing organisation, we understand the importance of Improving Lives, and Putting People First. We also understand just how crucial blood donations…

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Inflatable beach toys

Sunscreen tips

By Dr Angela Goyal GP with Extended Role in Dermatology Clinical Lead for Dermatology and AQP Services In the past month, I have been advising…

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Illustration of woman working from home

Keeping teams motivated whilst working from home

Covid-19 has affected the way that most of us work on a daily basis, with many people working from home for the first time in…

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Happy faces

How to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic

In the midst of this global pandemic, many of us may be left feeling overwhelmed. Anxiety thrives on the unknown, and during the testing times…

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Woman's face illuminated by screen

How to keep boredom at bay during lockdown…

For many of us across the UK, being in lockdown means spending more time than ever before in our homes, which can be both daunting…

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Man washing hands at a sink

Hand care during the pandemic

By Dr Angela Goyal GP with Extended Role in Dermatology, Clinical Lead for Dermatology and AQP Services I’ve had a lot of queries about hand…

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Happy faces

How to keep children entertained during lockdown

With the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, parents are looking for new ways to entertain children and get creative at home. During this challenging time, we…

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Smiley faces

The importance of not touching your face

Why do we touch our face so often? And how to try and stop it!   Studies have shown that on average humans touch their…

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Illustration of people running by fruit bowl

Healthy eating tips for during the COVID-19 lockdown

Many of you will be spending more time at home than ever before amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s important to ensure that you’re properly…

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Illustration of man sitting cross legged


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly…

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Ear phones

Lockdown playlist

By Dr Rahul Lakhera Because we are spending a lot of time at home lately we thought it might be nice to come up with…

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The power of Social Distancing

Why we should keep our social distance

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, communities are being asked to reduce close contact between people. This is called social distancing, and it’s an important…

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Thank you

A massive thank you!

A massive thank you from our Executive Team to every one at OneMedical Group for your hard work and dedication. From our service delivery teams,…

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Illustration of man reclining on bed looking at his phone.

Sleeping through COVID-19

By Shaun Major-Preece Director of Professions & Advanced Nurse Practitioner, OneMedical Group   The last decade has seen us evolve to a 24-hour society from…

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How to help yourself and others during the COVID-19 outbreak

By Dr Angela Goyal GPwER Dermatology Clinical Lead AQP, GP and Clinical Lead at OneMedical Group   We all want to stay safe and keep our…

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Person working from home with plants and a clock

How to work from home when you’re not used to it…

Have you now been told to work from home due to Covid-19? Sure, it sounds easy;  I can sit in my pyjamas all day, I…

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One Wellness

Our new OneWellness Online Community

We have covered some areas that could be explored by organisations to ensure that employees are feeling their best and maintaining productivity whilst working from home.

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How to protect your mental health when self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Here we reflect on what we want to achieve in line with the NHS People Plan.

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New decade with new opportunities

Our Personal Trainer, Megan Brooks, shares a few pointers to get us moving!

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